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Our work

The Wales-wide network of Research, Innovation & Improvement Co-ordination (RI&IC) Hubs, works alongside 3 national leads representing the 3 NHS Trusts.  The Hubs are grouped under Regional Partnership Boards with the Welsh Government providing funding to support operational. The Hubs bring together people, resources and partners.

The Hubs providing quarterly progress and finance reports which pass through a multi-stage approval process. This would all normally be managed using Forms, Spreadsheets and email - an inefficient process in a digital era.

The programme now uses the Spark Cloud Network Co-ordinator - and online tool for live sharing of data, spend plans and Knowledge across the network. Features include:  

1. A progress report function that captures

  • Progress against targets
  • Supporting information and documentation
  • Financial expenditure and claim

2. An information sharing platform

  • Capture all project content
  • Case studies  
  • Notification of events, webinars, conferences
  • A search engine function for all shared information  

3. Notifications

  • News items - all users notified of news items + events 
  • Approvals - emails go to manager when approvals required. 

For more information call use on 0117 907 9921 or email


Our clients

The RIIC research programme at the Welsh Government. Was co-ordinated using Forms, Spreadsheets and email. They now uses the Spark Cloud Network Co-ordinator - online reporting, approvals, sharing of data, spend plans and knowledge across the network.

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