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Glencore Grain is one of the UK's largest grain merchants and is uniquely placed to trade in both the Domestic, European and International markets. Their website, Grainman, not only acts to advertise their business acitivites and latest news, but but also gives access to their flagship trading tool for arable farmers, allowing them to trade online 24 hours a day.

Spark Data's involvement with Grainman started in 2001 when we became Glencore Grain UK's preferred web management and development partner. Since then the relationship has flourished and Grainman has been through a steady programme of rationalisation and improvement that has taken it from classic .ASP/Access to .NET/SQL server with a small form version for access by mobile browsing devices such as iPhone, Blackberry or Android mobile phones.

For the visual aspects, Spark worked in partnership with Glencore Grain's preferred design partner, Summer Creative, to achieve the required functionalty whilst maintaining the integrity of the design and brand. This has included the incorporation of the Spark site editing modules allowing the Glencore team to update the public facing content as and when they wish.

The development has been a major success for Glencore Grain and shows their continued committment to online trading.

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We're proud to have supported Glencore's grain pricing platform for over 15 years now. It was an innovative site from the .COM boom that has has kept up to date to meet the changing needs of its user base. The fact that it is busier than ever when many other sites from that era have disappeared is testament to that.

Peter Marshall

Spark Account Manager
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