Our Services

We Deliver Financial Solutions

When it comes to delivering financial software solutions, our experience is key. We work closely with the operations departments, and have an extensive suite of libraries, tools and techniques to cover functionality like policy administration, member management, document handling, workflow, security and user admin. Our structured procedures and years of experience help us deliver to time and budget.

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Finance Data Migration

If you are migrating financial data from legacy systems, our teams have pretty much seen it all. We have tried and tested methods, and structured techniques for checking migration accuracy. We know the issues involved in working with financial data that may have accumulated over many years.

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Cloud Hosting and Support

We can deploy our solutions to your environment, or to the cloud, working with Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Our development is moving to the cloud as well, with the adoption of DevOps for structured project development and control. Once your systems are delivered we provide second/third level ongoing support, with arrangements to suit your requirements.

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IT Strategy

Our consultants have worked in a range of industries over many years, so have the experience to help develop your long term IT strategy. We have a particular focus on Insurance, having worked with many leading suppliers.

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Finance Reports

Reporting complex financial information is a challenge, and a Spark Data area of expertise. We can help you analyse large data sets, and present the information in a way your clients or board members can understand. Ask to see some of our reporting suites.

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Legacy System Replacement

A legacy IT platform might be holding your business back, or become a sustainability risk. At Spark Data we have run many system migration and platform shift projects, so we can advise on the process, as well as developing your new solution.

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Spark Services

Spark Data Systems has been a trusted supplier of IT services nationwide since 1996. We deliver value to our customers through strong relationships and reliable delivery of strategy and systems. Our structured processes, and tried and tested production techniques, come from years of experience and lead to consistent delivery. From online systems with thousands of users, to databases with billions of lines of data, our systems are scalable and secure. We specialise in Microsoft technologies, with specialist knowledge and experience in financial sectors, including financial mutuals, such as marine insurance and Friendly Societies.
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